Lets Talk Low Vision

Each month, the Council of Citizens with Low Vision, International (CCLVI) provides a forum addressing topics of concerns to people with low vision titled "Let's Talk Low Vision". We are fortunate to have Dr. Bill Takeshita as the moderator and master of ceremonies for these presentations. The presentations occur the third Tuesday of each month and start at 5:30pm (Pacific), 8:30pm (Eastern).

To be part of the conversation, please call: (712) 432 - 3447 enter code: 145330
**Topics and Speakers are subject to change with little to no notice. **


2017 Schedule

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
How to protect your eyes and preserve your vision.


2018 Schedule


Tuesday, January 16

Trends In Transportation: Learn from guest presenters on tips, trends and emerging information on accessing transit information from the local, national and global level. Information from paratransit to public and private means of transport will be discussed as it pertains to persons with low vision.


Tuesday, February 20

Networking with Low Vision: Hear from the experts on do’s and don’ts when cultivating personal, professional and social networks. Panelists will discuss best practices and share personal experiences on the art of networking and kindling relationships at all levels.


Tuesday, March 20

Update & Advancements for treatment of macular degeneration & other common eye diseases: Join host Dr. Bill Takeshita as he discusses advancements and trends on common eye diseases including Macular Degeneration.  Guests will be able to ask questions of Dr. Bill during the last 15 minutes of the conference.


Tuesday, April 17

Resources & Support Groups for people with Low Vision: This session will discuss best practices when there is a need or desire to establish a peer led low vision support group.  The session will also include common and reputable resources that can be shared and referenced during support group meetings.


Tuesday, May 15

The ABC’s of CCLVI!: Dr. Bill interviews CCLVI Leaders who will discuss everything you wanted to know about CCLVI and haven’t had time to ask.  Learn about CCLVI’s various scholarship programs, membership benefits, advocacy and convention highlights for the upcoming convention in St. Louis in July 2018.


Tuesday, June 19

Clinical trials & Low Vision: DO the risks outweigh benefits? Dr. Bill Takeshita shares with audience members both pros and cons of determining if participation in such trials are to one’s benefit or not. Knowing what questions to ask and what risks may be incurred will also be discussed.


Tuesday, July 17

From High Tech to Low Tech: Learn about the world of opportunities as Dr. Bill Takeshita and guest presenters provide an overview of technology available to persons with low vision that has stood the test of time. Additionally, an overview of emerging tools from the portable to the stationary will be covered.


Tuesday, August 21

Emerging Treatments for Glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy: Dr. Bill will provide an overview on trends in medical treatments for both Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy.  Time for questions will round out the last 15 minutes of this one-hour session.


Tuesday, September 18

Traveling with Low Vision: From everyday domestic travel to planning that special once in a lifetime getaway, Dr. Bill will interview well-traveled low vision panelists who will share their finest travel hacks.


Tuesday, October 16
Lighting and Eye Protection: Audience members will hear from Dr. Bill on ways to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation and blue light. Dr. Bill will also share tips on best ways to maximize lighting in the home and at the office.


Tuesday, November 20

Apps for low vision: Dr. Bill and guest presenters will discuss notable apps that are low vision friendly, including the successful Seeing AI app, apps that maximize productivity around the home and at work.


Tuesday, December 18

Festive & Fun with Low Vision: The holidays are among us and whether it is hosting, planning or attending a family or work gathering, DR. Bill and guest presenters have ideas and suggestions on minimizing stress, anxiety throughout the holiday season and well into the New Year. Topics on recreation, leisure and navigating the holiday with newfound insight will round out the conference call.



Additional archived programs are available here.


January CCLVI’s Scholarship program and succeeding in college with low vision.
Dr. Bill touches on CCLVI's Fred Scheigert scholarship with the chair of the Scheigert committee and recent scholarship recipients who share their recommendations for success in college.


February Nutrition, Exercising and Healthy lifestyles in the New Year!
Dr. Bill interviews CCLVI President and Certified Aerobics Instructor Leslie Spoone who will provide tips for staying physically fit in the new year.


March The “How To’s”, Being handy around the home, at work and in the community. From fixing things, upgrading your home to finding handyman life hacks, this show will explore unique ways persons with low vision can maintain independence and learn from others.
Dr. Bill interviews Larry Turnbull, ACB Radio Manager, who will provide tips for those so inclined to "do it yourself" in the home.


April Cooking With Low Vision
Dr. Bill interviews Randy Ruznak who will provide tips on cooking with low vision.


May CCLVI & You! An up close and personal look at what’s to come at our convention in Sparks, NV this summer.
Dr. Bill interviews Jim Jirak and others involved in the elaborate planning of the 2017 CCLVI convention programming.


June Best of the best, applications and useful tips and tricks for mobile phones and tablets
Dr. Bill interviews Julian Vargas. This mobile technology specialist discusses the latest in useful tricks and tips for mobile devices.


July Psychological impact of vision loss
Be sure to join us live from the sight of the 2017 ACB Conference and Convention as we present a live in-person Lets Talk Low Vision series when Dr. Bill interviews

Vickie Parker, M.A.


August Parenting with Low Vision.
Dr. Bill interviews Parenting Expert Julie Johnson who will provide an informational session on raising children with low vision.


September Medical Advances
Dr. Bill reviews the most significant advances for the most common eye diseases.


October Weathering the Storm and emergency preparedness.
Dr. Bill interviews FCB President Jim Kracht and Second Vice-President Doug Hall on emergency preparedness issues for people with low vision.


November Holiday gifts for children and adults with low vision.

A Discussion of Potential Gifts for the Sight Impaired.